TL of HarukaKanata Trial, HarukaKanata and more HarukaKanata. Eng + some Español, Italiano.

Long story short, SORAHANE = Spectacular OP (eng subs by rothmansordunhill02)

Introduction videos with subs in: Engilsh, Español(@Rosestahl_eien), Italiano.

Intro video 2 (Yui)
Intro video 3 (Shizuku)

Trial translation:

Omitted some short minor scenes.
I AM VERY SORRY for the too fast pace of the video, especially with the unvoiced text, and the restaurant scene. You won’t be able to read every single line, unless you pause which I don’t recommend. The experience of watching the video is different from playing it as a game with control, PLEASE KNOW THAT.
Some parts of the video are actually quite good(I say), I recommend the beginning with Haruka, Kokone, and last part from Yui.
Note: the Youtube subs/captions can be moved around.

Random trivia on HarukaKanata(source from HarukanaRadio(5 eps):
Haruka means “far away”
Kanata means “the other side”
For SORAHANE’s first game, AQUA, they said they had came up with like 100 candidate names. In case of HarukaKanata, the decision for the title was instantaneous. The producer was talking with the illustrator or writer(I don’t remember which), and they had decided to make a twins game.
A: “it would be nice maybe if we could have the two twin’s name in the title”
B: “Yeah? Maybe something like Haruka Kanata?”
A: “Hey, I thought of the exact same thing!!”
And they went with that.
(Conversation reconstructed from my unreliable memory)

The game’s backgrounds scenery are based on Hokkaido. The makers have traveled there to collect inspirational material.


I have put way too much effort into this trailer translation, and I’ll stop here for this game. The game is a bit long/slow for me to translate.

My new subbing method was used: I simply create the timing while recording the gameplay(I make a timestamp when I press Enter; a similar method also feasible with automode), and then do the translation in Aegisub. It can actually work very well, but unfortunately this game was not very smooth but had some delay. I should have disabled the effects maybe. I also spent too much time adjusting formats, cutting videos, trouble with technical stuff, and writing this, etc.
But the saddest thing is that I’am not using VNR anymore.

Translation itself (I think)is acceptable, but I failed with some technical stuff this time, there is even a minor interruption in the recording. Well my next thing will be better(hopefully).

Upcoming stuff:
Because I was shocked by the release extension, I’m going to translate the ENTIRE Minamijuujiseirenka trial. The game is ideal for my translation. Only place where I failed was to get the AGTH hook code, but well, I’ll do without.
Also, around 1000 lines of Sakusaku trial is expected for June. Half of it is in VNR. For now you can watch:
Eng sub Demo Movie, OP by @rothmanz.
Translation of original Chinese langauge VN also coming~

One comment

  1. ok this is old but since its only just a trial I won’t halt you but if it’s the actual game… NAE the game at this point is just like overflow’s flop with the first school days making the game 50% unplayable or close to being unplayable..

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