Month: August 2014

Custom Maid Online – Candy Girl [Eng sub]

Not a big fan of 3D games, but this OP is great.


Learn to read hiragana, the moe way

Learn to read hiragana, with eroge characters!

In the last few months, a lot of time building this thing…
It will be moved to a real domain name(.moe) in the new future…
btw it should work on smartphones as well.

Main functionalities are:
1. Import(steal) eroge character data from vndb or egs
2. a.  Choose your character (waifu)
b.  – A multiple choice of hiragana combinations will appear
– Only one combination matches her name
– Click at the correct name (don’t tell me u read ur waifu’s name)
c. supporting tools
– show hiragana table
– show romanji, kanji name
3. in case something went wrong with the character data import, you can fix it in the edit page.
Of course, if this works, everything could be easily be done for katakana as well.

Well, it’s still in beta, comments, suggestions bug reports are welcome.
Stuff will be added and fixed.

She is supposed to be the mascot character,

Looking for illustrators, if you are willing to draw and collaborate with this, let me know.