A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #10~15

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #10

With an “Excuse me”, A-san made a bow to B-shi and settled to his seat.

You could hear birds singing from far away.
After taking the order, B-shi took out from a clearfile the resume and the works A-san had sent.

That signaled the start he of battle—.

B-san sipped the ice tea the waiter had brought.
And then, gave a glance at the stiff and nervous A-san.

“…… First of all, I just need to make sure. We are a so called 18+ game production softhouse. A-san, you have applied with knowledge of this correct?”

That is such an obvious thing.
Of course, A-san gave a yes.

“I see. If you’re wondering why I’m making sure of such an obviuos thing, it’s because, there are a lot of applicants who apply to us without knowing that……..”

He’s a person who talks calmly.
So, if you become a president of a company, even at such a young age. You can still be someone with dignity I guess.

“Then, let’s get to the point……”

B-shi, holding A-san’s resume in his hand, asked a few questions.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #11

B-shi’s questions were:

– What are you doing right now? What job did you have before?
– Are you living with you parents?
– Did you ever get a job in this sector before?

It went on like that, it was almost all the same stuff he had written on the resume.
At each question, A-san politely gave an answer, one by one.
That was it of the usual questions.
The next one was finally going to be about the material A-san had sent, or so he thought.
A-san’s prediction was off.

“A-san, do you play any eroge?”

All of a sudden, B-shi’s dropped the formal tone.
It was like a senpai in a company asking a casual question.

“Yes, I do play them”

A-san honestly replied.
Why would someone who doesn’t play eroge apply here? He said to himself.

“Do you also play the games we make?”

A-san replied to the question in a totally natural manner.

“I do”

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #12

“Then, how about the one which recently came out, XX from (A work from a big company)?”

A-san didn’t play that, therefore, he shook his head horizontally.

B-shi, went on to talk about eroge, anime, manga and even movies and drama. It wasn’t a talk you would expect from an interview.

A-san, had to stretch the limits of himself in order to answer all those questions.

Eventually, they went on having an enthusiastic talk about movies.

— So, you are telling me that an interview can be anything?

A-san thought half-heartedly, while talking B-shi.
After a session of the topic ended, Finally B-shi starts:

“If you start writing the scenario for a game, how much can you write a day?”

He asked a on topic question.

“In one month, about 200k I guess?”
“Is that so….. That’s a bit slow huh”

That’s right.
He had no knowledge on how fast people write,
Maybe he should have lied a say “1M”. A-san regretted.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #13

“The thing is, you know, our company. Right now, we’re prducing a new product, plus 2 other works are also on progress.
The open position is for the later, someone who will be writing for those 2 other works….. And well, assuming A-san does come working with us,
We’ll have you position you as a sub-writer as you don’t have any previous working experience.”

The conversation was getting to the point. A-san’s heartbeat sped up.

He is talking about details, does that mean that he wants me?
That is very likely. I’ll make that assumption for now.

But, B-shi’s talk about “details” didn’t go on,
they went back to talk about some recently released movies.

After 30 minutes.

“Then, thank you for today. I’ll be back to company and continue to evaluate the decision. You’re ok with me sending you the application result by e-mail right?”

The inteview had ended.
Timewise, it lasted 1 hour.

Was that long, or short? A-san could not know.

“I’ll be waiting for the result”

Back to station gate, B-shi who had accompanied A-san here, bowed down his head and took his road home.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #14

How to put it, it was a strange interview.
Or is that what interviews are like?
They spent most of the time on casual talk.
A-san’s works were not even mentioned, not only that. He didn’t even ask him why he applied.

Now that the intervew was over, for the time being, all that was left to do was to wait for the result.
A-san’s confidence was 7 : 3, for him.
He would be hired for sure. A-san thought so without doubt.

Five days had passed since the interview.
But still nothing from B-san.

A-san anxiously waited, but those 5 “Offer” characters would not appear on his PC.

— How long is he going to make me wait. That guy…….

A-san had his reasons to be impatient, as his savings hit the bottom.
If it doesn’t get decided by today, he’ll have to start a part-time job the next day.
A-san was irritated.
Suddenly, A-san’s phone rang.
Picking up the phone, he heard an unfamiliar voice of some middle-aged man.
The man identified himself as the representantive of a company A-san had applied for.
It was not B-shi, it was a different company.

— Might it be, another interview?

That guess was off.
The man on the phone (C-shi)’s business was this:

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #15

Right now, C-shi’s company is making games.
They’re putting a lot of effort into a rape game, but the fact is they’re short of writers.
And this is where A-san comes in. He would be produce text for them in the form of outsource.
What he’ll write will be fragmented H scenes only.
It was a sudden offer for A-san.
But, he didn’t know the meaning of that “Outsource”.
“Is is different from a company employee?”
A-san asked that, and C-shi kindly responsed that they were different.

He’ll commute to company once a week, and for everything else, he’ll work from home.
A-san was lost.
For the inexperienced A-san, and outsource offer was more than good.
If he takes this offer, he’ll be able to free himself from the “No Experience” tag and he would be freed from the guilt of having to rely on his parents.
But the problem was that if he did take on the job, he would then not know how to respond when B-shi’s notice comes.

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