A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #16 ~ 20

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #16

It is not like he can say:

–I took an outsource job, can you please hire me later when I’ll be done with this?

A-san was troubled.
A-san thought about it, and finally, he politely refused C-shi’s offer.
A-san, innocently believed in B-shi’s response during the interview, he believed he would get in.

That choice, it would turn out to hurt A-san so much,
At the time, A-san did not realize.

After refusing C-shi’s offer, B-san’s e-mail containing the inteview result arrived.

“– Based on our consideration. We’ll not be hiring this time”

A-san, smashed the keyboard with eyes filled with tear.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #17

— Where or earth did I fall short…….

In front of the pieces of the crushed keyboard, A-san recalled back the interview from before.
The interview with B-shi, went great, he thought of himself.
The conversation went very smoothly.
And he has no memory of taking any rude action.
The only thing that came to his mind was the question about the quantity he could write in one month, and A-san randomly replied 100k per month.
And then, B-shi had said “That’s a bit slow”.

Was that the reason for the rejection……
No, it must have been that.
Put it frankly, until now, A-san had never thought about how much quantity he could write. He thought that 100k per month or 1M per month did not make difference. Content was most important.

A-san, excavated a certain big name game from the pile in his closet.
This game was mentioned during the coversation with B-san, labeling the game as one with good scenario from a big name company.

In order to distract himself from the shock of the refusal, A-san attempted to play the game.


A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #18

After the first 5 hours…….
As to be expected from a big game from a big company, in 5 hours you can’t even complete one route.
According to the voices on the internet, it would take 40hours to get a full complete.

This extended play-time was also a factor that raised this big-game’s rating.
2 hours later…… A-san was finally able to clear one heroine.

So tired……
The time needed to get to one ending was 7 hours.
You can’t really enjoy the whole story if you play it in this manner.
But this is the best rated game right now.


A-san did realize one thing.
The game’s play-time, in other words the quantity of the scenario.
As a general rule, it’s said that 100k = 1 hour.
If it takes as much as 40 hours for a full complete, with a simple calculation, the quantity of scenario would be 4M.
If a writer writes 200k per month, and assuming one writer write the entire 4M of scenario, it would take 20months.
And that is just purely the writing time for the scenario.
If you add in all other tasks, the development period would be over 2 years.
Even if you allocate the scenario to other writers, 200k per month is still slow.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #19

And of course, no matter how much you can write per month, if it’s content is shit, everything is uselss.
But right now we have entered this period of “scenario inflation”.
This big game that A-san had played, it was the extended play-time that factored for the support and positive ratings from users.
Yet he himself writes mere 80k per month,

Looking at the current industry trends, one can’t be called a writer with that…….

According to rumors, a certain famous writer who was able to hit a big game with a doujin, was writing 40pages of manuscript everyday.
That’s equivalent of doing A-san’s 1 months worth of work in 2 days.
If you compare yourself with that writer, A-san’s productivity is indeed low.

“Write good material fast. That’s a taken for a pro”

A-san was burning.
He cannot let it end like this.
Without any delay, he takes out a new keyboard from the closet, and starts the production of a scenario which he had already concepted and refined in his mind.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #20

— Let’s put aside the scenario’s content for a moment.
Because it depends the writer’s sense, it’s not something that can be overcome with effort only.
But, with effort, you can do something in order to increasing the quantity of the writing. (A-san’s father’s words.)

Raise the quality of the scenario, while at the same time, shorten the time required write it.
A-san set that to be his immediate goal.

Now that he thinks about it, until now he has only been focused on getting a hire from a company. But never did he take his time to objectively look at his writing level.
As long as you work as a pro and receive money from the company, it’s already a taken that you need to have a considerable degree of skills.
It might be a too late now, but A-san had finally reached this insight.

The only way to improve his writing skills was to write write write.
And also, read books, absorb a lot in order to polish one’s sense.
There’s probably no other way other than those two.
A-san’s age was 25. It’s very tough for an inexperienced writer, to enter the industry at this age.
There was not a minute, not a second to waste.

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