A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #21 ~ 25

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #21

He focused on the style of the writing and started to experiment with it.
A-san’s style until now was restricted to the short story form, with stiff sentences.

If he continued like that, it would have not be realistic to increase the work efficiency.
The reason why A-san took 1 month to write almost 100k was because: he took half of the month to write up the short story, and the other half to revise it.
He’s going to remove the revision time. Another way to put it, by removing the revision time, he will have more time to write.
In order to accomplish this, he’ll have to stop using the time consuming dense expressions, and the hard kanjis.
And in the first place, that stuff is not needed in an eroge.

— I’m not aiming to become a novelist, but a scenario writer.

Use basic grammar, and write easy to read text is enough.
That by itself is already very difficult to do…….
The habits he has stained his body with, don’t go away so easily.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #22

You may write a lot, but it is not effective if there isn’t someone to evaluate it.
To solve this problem, A-san created a home page for the purpose of publishing his writings.
In order to attract more people, he derived the website’s concept from a well known eroge website.
Once a week, he would upload the scenario he had written to the website.

At the same time, A-san would earn his livings with a part-time job.
, he started writing the scenario and game plan for the reapplication.

This time, he’ll constrain the application to two companies, and have the scenario and game plan match the company’s brand image.

There were no more replies from the 22 companies he had applied to.
The rejection notices came from roughly half of the 22 companies.
The others have not made a sound even after two months have passed.
A-san accepted it, that’s just how things are.
His time now, is not poured into updating his website and the production of the new application material.

After day and days of busy work………
And then a month,

One day, came a sudden notice.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #23

A-san’s cellphone rang.
The caller was a man.

He identified himself as the representative of “BackBone Soft”, one of the companies A-san had applied to.
Since already 4 months had passed since A-san had applied. A-san didn’t immediately recognize the name.
The man (D-shi) apologized for the late reply, and stated the business.

He wanted an interview with A-san.
Therefore, he wanted to know when A-san could be available.

It was the same development as during B-shi’s case.
If it was the A-san from the past, he would have immediately took the chance.
But he frankly didn’t have memory of D-shi’s company.
He didn’t even know the name of the games they produced.

A-san hesitated for a moment, but there is no reason on earth to let go such a rare chance.
A-san gave the day for the interview, and the other party confirmed it.

After hanging the phone, A-san opened the HP of the the interview company, D-shi’s company (BackBone Soft).
It looked like they had released one game. It was a new company.
That would explain why he wasn’t able to remember the its name.
When A-san applied to this company, they still hadn’t released a single game.
The game that just came out last month, D-shi’s company’s game wan’t really what A-san was looking for. It was a game moe game.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #24

–Why is this company contacting me?

The fact that I got an interview is itself not normal.
A-san played rape games most of the time. That fact is naturally reflected in his writings.
To put it into words, he was most confident in rape novels, and that should have been obvious from the manuscript he had sent.
If this is me then, why a company that made a moe-game contact me?

By this point, A-san was already firm that he would become a rape genre writer.
And of course, those two companies that he was preparing to apply were all in this genre.
That A-san without a clear objective who just applied to just any company does not exist anymore.

–Might it be that, D-shi did not read the application material…
–Well, fine. A chance is a chance. If it looks like I can get it, I’ll do so.

With a withering heart, A-san waited for the interview day.

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #25

The day of the interview.
Waiting at the station, a man with sunglasses with big shoulders appeared.
He was the one on the phone call, BackBone’s representative, D-shi.
Two men followed behind him.
One was a thin man complete contrast of D-shi.
The other was a bald man.
D-shi introduced the thin man as the director, and the older man as one of the executives.

–To think that there would be 3 of them…

A-san was carried to a cafe nearby the staion, and had his interview.

Not unexpected but, he was more stressed than the first interview.

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