A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #8

That word, how much did A-san wish for it.

A day when he can be available? A-san had so much time that it was starting to rot.

But, if he replied with “If it’s about time, I’m always free, how about we immediately meet tomorrow?”.
A reply like that would make A-san look like a person who doen’t have anything to do all day.

After thinking about it for a bit, A-san settled the day on that week’s friday, that was his decision.

He was becoming more and more excited and anxious.
There was still some time before the interview day.
He tried on the suit that has been sleeping in the closed ever since his adult day(20 years old).
He even had a hair-cut, and brushed up his looks.

The day of the interview arrived.
A-san put on his fitting suit, and dropped off at the appointed station.
After arriving at the station, he was to contact the person.
He took out his phone, to tell that he had arrived.

10 minutes later……

“Are you A-san?”
Called someone out of the blue. A-san replied with some surprise:
“Yes it’s me.”
And then he turned around, with such a smile that he has never even show to his father.

Translation GitHub repo
Original Japanese Source


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