A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #9

So it’s this guy……..
It’s a bit rude to say “this guy”, but the man standing behind just seemed like friendly young adult, no sign of being a someone involved with some rape game production or otherwise Eroges.

And about his age, he may be the same age as A-san, or even younger.
Slim pants, polo shirt. Slightly tanned skin.
On the one hand carrying a clearfile, and frameless glasses.
If you got a glimpse of him, he would just look like one of those fresh graduated university students you see everywhere.
Is this cool guy really……

“Nice to meet you. I’m the representant of the softhouse called XX. My name is B.”

A-san greeted back with a nice to meet you.

“Well, it’s a bit unconvenient to talk here. Let’s go somewhere?”

A-san had presumed that the interview would take place at the company. He had not expected this.
With B-shi showing the way, they arrived at a family restaurant.

— An interview……… here?

And it was right at lunch time, the family restaurant was crowded with other customers.
Noisy brat was squealing and running around.

— You’re telling me to have my life-changing battle, in here……?

“You can sit here.”
B-shi, as if nothing, followed behind the waiter.

— Ok, it can’t be helped. You’re telling me to fight here? I’m just gonna do it.

I’m also a man–. I’m not going to whine because of some terrain disadvantage.

Translation GitHub repo
Original Japanese Source

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