Sometimes I do some translations…



  1. I admire all this effort to translate those Galges. Even if is only the trial version, I know how difficult it is to translate all that text. Thank you so much. Please, continue your work to help the community!

    1. Thank you!
      I find it weird that I did not bump into your blog at an earlier time.
      I’d like to request a blog link exchange, that would help me a lot.

      1. If you mean adding your blog to my link list, it’s done! By the way, thank you for adding my blog to your link list.
        My blog is kinda “invisible” because I am too lazy to go around to promote it:)

  2. Link exchange done! I never have the chance to try out any of those Original Chinese VN, but they seem great. Also, I’ve read a bit on some of your works, great job on translating those trials.

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