Trial Translation

TL of HarukaKanata Trial, HarukaKanata and more HarukaKanata. Eng + some Español, Italiano.

Long story short, SORAHANE = Spectacular OP (eng subs by rothmansordunhill02)

Introduction videos with subs in: Engilsh, Español(@Rosestahl_eien), Italiano.

Intro video 2 (Yui)
Intro video 3 (Shizuku)

Trial translation:

Omitted some short minor scenes.
I AM VERY SORRY for the too fast pace of the video, especially with the unvoiced text, and the restaurant scene. You won’t be able to read every single line, unless you pause which I don’t recommend. The experience of watching the video is different from playing it as a game with control, PLEASE KNOW THAT.
Some parts of the video are actually quite good(I say), I recommend the beginning with Haruka, Kokone, and last part from Yui.
Note: the Youtube subs/captions can be moved around.

Random trivia on HarukaKanata(source from HarukanaRadio(5 eps):
Haruka means “far away”
Kanata means “the other side”
For SORAHANE’s first game, AQUA, they said they had came up with like 100 candidate names. In case of HarukaKanata, the decision for the title was instantaneous. The producer was talking with the illustrator or writer(I don’t remember which), and they had decided to make a twins game.
A: “it would be nice maybe if we could have the two twin’s name in the title”
B: “Yeah? Maybe something like Haruka Kanata?”
A: “Hey, I thought of the exact same thing!!”
And they went with that.
(Conversation reconstructed from my unreliable memory)

The game’s backgrounds scenery are based on Hokkaido. The makers have traveled there to collect inspirational material.



Clover Day’s Trial English Translation


ALcot‘s 10 Anniversary game. Shares settings with their first game Clover Heart’s.
Complete Version Release Date: 2014/03/28 (Master up is done, no delay)
The trial version is not 18+

Here is 2-3 hours of the trial version translation (6 parts).

part2  part3  part4  part5  part6

There are 2500 lines translated. And I am done with this game, will not translate it any further. I need to move on and translate my next game.

If you want to read at your own pace and control, you can access the translation with:
Visual Novel Reader and
For Trial game download try: here, here, here, or here.

OP (with English subs by Edmond)


It was, a buried memory
It was, an eternal oath
It was, a wish from the heart
It was, a regret kept for eternity

And, a promise of childhood—

Yuto who was left behind by his parents and raised up in an English nursing facility, became the retainer of the business operating family Takakura, and came to Japan.

Yuto, who couldn’t speak Japanese, was supported by the twin sisters in law: the bright and shy Anzu, and the cool and reliable(shikkari) Anri.
His classmates from elementary school: the innocent and gentle Tsubame, and the showy and devious Izumi.

The young boys and girls, unaware of love; they laughed, cried, cultivating irreplaceable bonds.

And 10 year later—

The street scenery had changed so much, and so did Yuto and the others.

–But there are also things that remained the same.

“Do you remember… That day’s promise?”

They had moved overseas 10 years ago: my other set of twin childhood friends.
Hekiru and Hikaru are joined again with Yuto, and those memories/thoughts of 10 years ago move again.

Those rich and satisfying days: Clover Day’s start here—-


Trivia: Some characters have black hair, but is it black?
It seems that as a matter of drawing, coloring, it is not very practical/desired to make the hair entirely black. So that’s the explanation. Source: Radio de ALcot!

So, ok enjoy the game.

Koishiki Manual Partial Demo Translation OUT

Koishiki Manual (Love Formula Manual)
Expected Release: 2014/02/28
Producer: GLacé


Demo Movie:


There are many errors and distractions, I apologize for those. Please watch it with some flexibility. 1+ hour of video, almost 1000 lines translated.



In the outskirts of the city, private school Ichinose Academy excels all others in everything regarding academics, sports moral conducts.
But, this elite school had one subject in which it performed very poorly. That is love affairs. That is the attraction to the opposite sex.
Those good students of high hopes, were ranked number one as “People I don’t want to call to a party”.

Autumn. Clear weather.
On the platform of the morning ceremony, Himeno Ichinose, The daughter of the school presidents proclaims the following: The introduction of the “RealJuu Deviation Score”, and to implementation of its “Proficiency Test”.

i-introduction of r-e-a-l-j-u-u…d-evation-s-core…?

“No way…”
Hiroki Aoyama (Number of years since he doesn’t have a girlfriend = age) whispered in a dumbfounded face. The bulding breaks into chaos, his voice vanishing without a trace.

The next days, the RealJuu deviation score proficiency test was conducted at once. The ones who brilliantly failed it were gathered: Hiroki and five other girls. Those students who could not keep up were partitioned to raise their skills regarding love, this is a special training class – aka “Love Formula Manual”.

“I cannot accept this!”
“RealJuu… Hiiiee~ that’s impossible…!”
“……So needless.”
“Huhu, this has become interesting.”

And thus, the study of love affairs and the road to RealJuu begins here!

Himeno Ichinose
As an individual to inherit the Ichinose Academy,  she has raised up strictly since childhood.
Whether it’s about academics, looks, or sports, she is perfect in everything.
However, on the test to measure the deviation value of “Realjuu”, she amazingly gets a 0.

She’s actually a maniac of history(Sengoku period anime), her ideal type is a “Samurai”, that is the weird taste she has.
She gets excited when she sees armors or helmets, her ringtone is sound of battle roars. In order to maintain the image she has built until now, she keeps this secret.

She planned to pretend to be a couple with Hiroki, in order to raise her Rialjiu Deviation score, but gradually…….

“Waa, it’s so hot I thought fire arrows would come out from my eyes.”

Honoka Hikage
To put it simply her features are the hair and the plain glasses, she is the current student council president.
No confidence in herself and introverted. When nervous, she starts to stammer.

Her personality is eager and kind, when she takes off her glasses, she is quite a beautiful girl (Plus, the breasts are big).”

At first she was the secretary, but after turning into second year, she was recommended for the president position.
Because of her nature of not being able to refuse, she ended up taking the position.

She wants to change herself, she secretly works on it.

She wants to become a more agressive student council president, and busies herself to and turn the yearly Culture Festival from just an exposition event into a super exciting event.

Hiii~ that’s impossible …. ….!”

Aki Suzuka
Dresses in light tennis wear and with those nicely tightened thighs, she is my proud under classmate.

A coach who took care of her long time ago said to her:”If you lose your virginity, you’ll lose your talent as well.”, which was a lie, but she firmly believes in it even now.

…But, because of the “Love Manual”, she cannot say that anymore.

Without being able to suppress her unconscious desire for love, she constantly breaks out of control.

If she wasn’t immersed into tennis, she would have been a normal girl.

Collecting small cute things, looking for sweet things.

“I am burningg, moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr.”

Amane Haneshiro
She is a member of the, woodwind club. One year senior of me.

She rarely speaks or lets her emotions out. No one has an idea of what she’s thinking.
She doesn’t like noisy sounds, she always carries noise-cancelling headphones with her.

During lunch break, she goes on the roof, taking a nap while listening to music. That’s her routine.
She has a voice fetish, she particularly likes Hiroki’s voice.

She doesn’t pay attention to herself, she leaves her bed hair, or buttoning the wrong buttons.
And like that, sooner or later, the people around start feeling like taking care of her.

“Today is another day to enjoy the great weather on the roof.”

Kanata Natsumori
Under classmate, same year as a Aki.
Like Amane, she is member of the woodwind club.

She is just very amicable and social, it’s very easy to talk with her.
An unusual type for a Ichinose student.
She is very good at reading the atmosphere of the situation and, her communication skills are superb.

She likes to fool around more than the 3 meals of the day, she invests herself into ridiculous things.
She spoils Amane, and uses excuses to cling onto her.

Her appearance/figure, and grades are around average, but her RealJuu Deviation Score is simply high.

“To be able to enjoy Amane senpai’s meal, that is highest degree of happinessu!”

Rio Kashinegi
Former student council chairman of Ichinose Academy.
She is serious/diligent and calm, but by no means a stubborn person, she is a senpai who does take jokes.

She gives particular attention to her kouhai, Honoka giving her a lots of advise and encourages her.

Pure and beautiful girl, her RealJuu deviation score is top class.

Very fashionable, just enough not to violate school code…
She exquisitely fool the boys  around.
She is excellent at everything, she possesses great popularity from both guys and girls.

She is honest, but when confronting with a familiar person, she may be just a little S.

“Yes, it is a secret…… Just between the two of us, me and Aoyama-kun.”


I omitted introduction of Shinobu and the protagonist.