A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #31 ~ 33

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #31

The duration of the interview was around 1 hour he guessed.
And during this time, D-san was always the one talking.

At last, E-shi who had been quiet until now, opened his mout:
“A-san, how much scenario can you write in 1 month?”

And as expected, this question came out here as well.
As A-san had predicted, right now, every company is in demand for a writer who can write large quantities…
Is that assumption correct? A-san was anxious thinking about it.
If it is a maker aiming to release a big mainstream game, then that must be what they are thinking.

A-san proudly said:

“I can write 300k per month”

“Hee. I see. G-sensei who was responsible for our game this time, what was his pace?”
asked D-shi to E-shi.

“It was about… 250k I recall”
“Since in four months, it didn’t total up to 1M.”
D-san’s large body bounced in a “I see I see” manner.

And then, he said back to A-san:
“Users right now, are very sensitive about the play time.
No matter what kind of text the writer writes, if the play time is only 4 hours, there no way it gets a good rating,
If you look at the game called XX that came out earlier, you will see why.
Therefore, for our company we do like good content of course, but we really need someone who can write in high volumes.
And in this regard, it seems like it won’t be problem for A-san”

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #32

From that statement, A-san realized that D-shi was not a writer.
The two sitted next to, E-shi and F-shi as well, probably were not people who wrote.

If they were people who did have some experience in writing something in this sector,
they would realize how idiotic was their statements were.

–However, that goes for me as well. For him to brag that he can write 300k… he’s falling into their same hole.

A-san, killed his emtions, and held tight his hands below the table.

“Then, thank you for today. We’ll contact you in a few days”

Saying that, D-shi, the 3 of them went away.


That was a pretty productive interview.
He was able to listen to D-shi’s interesting talk and it was useful.
But it does distrub a little bit the two men sitting next to D-shi who had this negatieve expression all along… Well that’s not so grave.

This interview was most likely… no. I’m not going to think about the result. If I set my expectations high, this will end up like the time with B-shi.
I’ll pretend as I have being rejected, and get even more serious. A-san went home and as if nothing had happened,
he went to work on his application material.

3 days later…

A phone call from D-shi. The result of the interview was…

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #33

“Hired”. They wanted him to start coming at the start of next month. A-san accepted and hang the phone.

–I got in.

He was not happy. Rather, the opposite.

–Why I am so worried?

He had been working all along only to get into a company as a writer. And finally his wish had been realized. He should have been happy, no matter how you looked at it.
But, for some reason A-san could not enjoy in a natural way.

There are two reasons for it.
First, his moe-key work which himself was not convinced of, got good opnions from them. If it would be possible, he wished he would have been hired because of the rape-scenario he had wrote.

The other reason was about D-shi.
This is coming from A-san who does not have any experience in a company, but it did not really feel like D-shi was an adeguate person to be the boss of a company.
In some aspects, he is like a kid, too self-centric.
Even F-shi who covered for some of D-shi’s behaviour, looked at D-shi with some cold eyes.

But, there is no help in worrying about it. He’s already passed a point he can’t turn back.
A-san’s life as a writer starts from here.
From now on, he’s a member of “BackBone Soft”, and he’s going to pour himself into the erogame industry.
His first day was approaching, A-san’s heart was getting high.

–A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator. First Part “Job hunting Act” END

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Original Japanese Source

Learn to read hiragana, the moe way

Learn to read hiragana, with eroge characters!

In the last few months, a lot of time building this thing…
It will be moved to a real domain name(.moe) in the new future…
btw it should work on smartphones as well.

Main functionalities are:
1. Import(steal) eroge character data from vndb or egs
2. a.  Choose your character (waifu)
b.  – A multiple choice of hiragana combinations will appear
– Only one combination matches her name
– Click at the correct name (don’t tell me u read ur waifu’s name)
c. supporting tools
– show hiragana table
– show romanji, kanji name
3. in case something went wrong with the character data import, you can fix it in the edit page.
Of course, if this works, everything could be easily be done for katakana as well.

Well, it’s still in beta, comments, suggestions bug reports are welcome.
Stuff will be added and fixed.

She is supposed to be the mascot character,

Looking for illustrators, if you are willing to draw and collaborate with this, let me know.


Chinese Visual Novel – The Doll in Azure Eyes 苍蓝眼瞳的人偶

苍蓝眼瞳的人偶 – The Doll in Azure Eyes

Source from BaiduBaike (Chinese counterpart of wikipedia) and here.
Angel Blue’s website.
This is a freeware, can be downloaded here. Works with AGTH/ITH.
Probably need to set Chinese Unicode for unzip and run the game.


Complete game was released on December 26, 2012.

Planning – Ladomu
Scripting – Ladomu
Scenario – Ladomu
Character Design – Ladomu
Sprites – Ladomu
CG – Ladomu
Background – Material from various Jap websites. Details in the ending credits.
Testing – Ladomu
Engine – 吉里吉里/KAG
Music – Material from various Jap websites. Details in the ending credits.
Special thanks – 水雨月冰璃


Introverted under classmate. Once in a while, she bumps into the protagonist; very shy and fearful. She appears to like reading books a lot.
In her eyes, she always lets out feelings of insecurity.


Ye ShuangYing
The protagonist’s class and table mate, there is something strange with her personality, she’s isolated by her surroundings and doesn’t really have friends. No matter the season, she always wears high sleeves, a scarf and gloves. Weakish body, she constantly asks for a sick leave, to go home and rest.

“Aren’t we both people who have no friends”


She came to this school very suddenly, a weird transfer student. After coming into the class, she immediately draw a borderline with everyone.
Wearing black gloves, she likes to haunt on the roof. However, her real identity may not be that simple.

“Then, do me this little favor”

Frédérique (FeiLiKeSi)

A blonde girl of unknown identity, blue eye balls like a doll.
She is constantly conducting investigations regarding the incidents happening on school.

“Ah. You came”