Eroge Industry

A certain A-san’s memoirs as an eroge creator #1

A-san (Profile)
Birth place: Okayama
Gender: Male

Until now, he had been a freeter; Making himself a living, far away from his parents.
However, having got tired of this life with no excitement, he made up his mind to become an eroge writer. At that point, A-san was 25 years old.

A-san. It wasn’t like he came out an university. Nor did he have any experience working at a game company.

The first thing he did was to check the homepage of all the eroge companies and list down all the ones which were hiring a writer.
Not caring about the terms or the location of the job, he looked only for those which fit his age limit and did not require any experience. The list ended up being comprised of 22 companies total, and A-san wowed to apply to all 22 of them.

Now, in order to apply as a writer, you need to prepare some application material, including some manuscripts(scenarios).

Some companies have also included a game plan(kikakusho) as a requirement for the application. Therefore, he will have to prepare that as well.

An extremely relieving thing was that after A-san had graduated from high school, although just for a moment, he had aimed to become a writer. For such reason, he did have at least some confidence in his writing skills.

Having just conviced himself, that same day A-san quit his part-time job and put himself to work on the application material.

The living expenses of that period would all come from his savings.

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