A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #6

From that day, A-san started to receive rejection letters from the companied he had applied to almost everyday.
They came from both big, and smaller companies(softhouses).
The content of the rejection notice were all pretty blunt.

“Thank you very much for your application to our company.
The conclusion of our review is negative, we are unable to give an offer this time.
We pray for A-sama’s future success”

3 mere lines.
There wasn’t a significant difference in any of the other emails.
There were even some companies who corteously mailed the application material back.

–Damn it……

A-san told himself: None of the famous companies would take an unexperienced person like him seriously.

With rejection notices coming everyday. A-san stopped getting so disappointmented from them.

Is was impossible after all…….?
For a novice like himself to suddenly want to become a writer on a whim…

–Is it that really, the world doesn’t work like that……?

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A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #5

By sending his resume and replicas of his works to 22 companies, A-san had completed his application to all the companies in his list.

What could be done was done.
All it was left to do now was to wait…….

Under the night scenery, on the roof,
was A-san’s naked body, leaning himself on a glass of Brandly. His expression was filled with a feeling of liberalization.


3 days later.
11 am, before noon.
A quick e-mail arrived from a company he had applied to.
That company was a big name, from the West. (Kansai)
The result was of course: rejection.
A-san let down his shoulders in disappointment. So a big company was impossible for an unexperienced person like him ……?
That company was one A-san loved. It was actually his first choise this time.
But, no matter how bad the news, a rejection is a still rejection.
A-san finished his lunch, and took out the games that have been sleeping inside his closed. Hardening his heart, he crushed the games with a hatchet.

And besides, isn’t that rejection notice a bit too fast?
Hey, the application was sent only 3 days ago. Did they properly read the works that were sent?

Doubts whirled around A-san’s chest.
If the reason for the rejection was because of lack of experience, this fight may be unexpectedly–.
“This might be a hard one…….”

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A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #4

A-san, being forced into a corner, decided that he had to write this game plan no matter what.
It didn’t matter if they laugh or criticize it……
Right now he has to use on his own skills and do all that he can to can to push on.
Almost in a desperate-like state, A-san started working on the production of the game plan.


The next day, by spending all night on it, he finally came up with 3 game plans.
The titles were: “The school’s insane mania” “Legstured” and “Moon Celeb”.
A rape work. A foot fetish work. A romance moe-kei work.
A summary of the content would be:
– 1st page. A huge title on the cover.
– 2nd page. The concept.
– 3rd page. Character introduction.
– 4th page. Plot.

Each game plan had only 4 mere pages.
Moreover, they were all so unrefined.
Some companies had even indicated to specify the number of pages of the background sceneries or the number of tracks to be used.
But for a novice like A-san, there was no way he could know such a thing, so he gave up on those.
For this game plan, A-san had to be pratical and put his sentiments aside.

Right now, this was the most that A-san could for a game plan.
Those works were almost like parts of A-san himself. With those works, he stood up to head against the eroge industry’s great wall before him.

The fire and boiling ambition from deep inside A-san, filled his burning body in crimson.

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A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #3

A-san was stuck at the production of the game plan.
One day, while he was killing time by looking at the home page of a game creator he was aiming for, with strike of luck, he found a content called “How to write a game plan”.
A-san viewed that lecture with high hopes, but only to end up shocked.

~There were many questions about it, so I’ll explain how a game plan is written~
1. The title on the cover, make it big.

2. Make the heading/caption stand out and easy to understand.

3. The most important thing is to have the reader understand what kind/type of game this is.

4. There is no a real need for pictures or diagrams. There are no problems as long as it’s easy and interesting to read.

The rest will depend on the content you come up with.
Good luck.

That was it.
In front of the display, with the mouse still in his hand, A-san remaind dumbfolded for 5 minutes.

–So, in the end … it depends on the content?
–Are you saying that … a game plan can be anything?

That game plan lecture that was supposed to be a gift from the sky, but instead, it made A-san even more confused.

But time is ticking moment by moment.
And his savings, they are already about to hit the a bottom.
This is bad………

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A certain A-san’s memoirs as an Eroge creator #2

After two months of work, he was able to complete two manuscript of around 100 pages each.

One of them, was a lot of copying from a certain publisher’s rape novel. It was hardcore skeleton, tantacle stuff.
It’s title was “Enemagra”

The other one was about a love-exchange story about the protagonist who lived in a rural shrine, and a girl who wanted to become a miko(priestess). In other words, it was a moe-kei(type).
It’s title was “Sunagimo”

Both of them were works that A-san had pured his soul into.
And by the way, his first ever scene he had to write in his life was written pretty smoothly.
A-san was surprised at this new possibility that has been dormant inside him.
Might it be that he was actually born to become an eroge writer……?

For now, he was able to completed his manuscript(novel) for the application. The real problem was the game plan(kikakusho).

Until now, A-san has never worked at a game company or rather not even at a normal company. How could he be able to write a game plan?
And more importantly, he didn’t even know what a game plan really was.

A-san was worried……
Was his ambition, which has been making a smooth progress until now, was it going to hit a wall because this situation…..?

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A certain A-san’s memoirs as an eroge creator #1

A-san (Profile)
Birth place: Okayama
Gender: Male

Until now, he had been a freeter; Making himself a living, far away from his parents.
However, having got tired of this life with no excitement, he made up his mind to become an eroge writer. At that point, A-san was 25 years old.

A-san. It wasn’t like he came out an university. Nor did he have any experience working at a game company.

The first thing he did was to check the homepage of all the eroge companies and list down all the ones which were hiring a writer.
Not caring about the terms or the location of the job, he looked only for those which fit his age limit and did not require any experience. The list ended up being comprised of 22 companies total, and A-san wowed to apply to all 22 of them.

Now, in order to apply as a writer, you need to prepare some application material, including some manuscripts(scenarios).

Some companies have also included a game plan(kikakusho) as a requirement for the application. Therefore, he will have to prepare that as well.

An extremely relieving thing was that after A-san had graduated from high school, although just for a moment, he had aimed to become a writer. For such reason, he did have at least some confidence in his writing skills.

Having just conviced himself, that same day A-san quit his part-time job and put himself to work on the application material.

The living expenses of that period would all come from his savings.

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